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Advanage Quad Special
Quart Special
1 Quart of Concentrated ADVANAGE 20x multipurpose cleaner
makes 20 quarts of Ready To Use Cleaner

“Took all the rust off our car. Cleaned the makeup stains off our pink Formica in the bathroom.” MLH

“It cleans everything. It‘s concentrated so it lasts a long time.” Cat W

“It’s the best. I use it for everything.” B. Goode

Watch Video - Why it Really is the Wonder Cleaner

“It’s worth it. I’ve had the same bottle for two years. Just mix a little with some water. It works miracles.” SH

“Wow. It removed ten-year old, beige carpet stains.” Lydia

“I have no concerns with our dogs or child being subjected to chemicals.” KMH