ADVANAGE 20X Wonder Cleaner

Natural, Powerful, Multipurpose

ADVANAGE 20X is in a class by itself when it comes to safe, natural high-performance, all-purpose cleaners. This non-toxic, biodegradable, all-purpose ultra-concentrated cleaner outperforms every other cleaner in the market and consistently produces amazing results.

Performance. Super-concentrated, eco-friendly ADVANAGE 20X out performs all other cleaners in its class. In Independent laboratory tests for cleaning effectiveness, ADVANAGE scored 96% - far outperforming the leading brand name retail cleaner which only scored 87%. The product has been improved upon many times (formulation enhancements, greener ingredients) over the past 30 some years. In late 2008, the ADVANAGE formulation was enhanced with the addition of the company’s patented surfactant (surface active agent) which improves the product’s emulsification properties, resulting in a dramatic improvement when cleaning oily and greasy surfaces.

Green and eco-friendly. ADVANAGE is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. Contains no harsh chemicals such as phosphates, solvents, alkalis, inorganic builders, fillers, heavy metals, ozone depleting chemicals or VOCs. Not tested on animals; endorsed by PETA. In independent laboratory tests for ready biodegradability, ADVANAGE exceeded the U.S. Government standard of 70% by 7.6%.

Ultra-concentrated. Being ultra-concentrated is what makes ADVANAGE 20X so affordable. Just add water and one quart of 20X makes 20 quarts of the finest ready-to-use cleaner on the market. Use it for carpet cleaning, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, clothes, grease and oil stains. The same is true with gallons and drums… one gallon of 20X makes 20 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner. One 55 gallon drum makes 1,100 gallons of ready to use cleaner.

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Fifteen (15) Reasons Why ADVANAGE The Wonder Cleaner® is the Best Seller

The Number One Product in the entire Direct-Selling, Door-to-Door Industry.

Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. invented, manufactures and markets its proprietary ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner.  Here is why ADVANAGE is Number One…
  1. There is no better multipurpose cleaner.  ADVANAGE cleans everything—hundreds of uses.
  2. In an Independent Laboratory test, it scored 96% in overall cleaning effectiveness vs 86% for the leading retail brand.
  3. There is nothing like it.  It’s one of a kind—that’s because it contains our proprietary, patented emulsion agent.
  4. It’s a concentrate, so it’s affordable--one quart makes twenty quarts of ready-to-use cleaner
  5. Independent testing reveled it exceeded the FDA’s 70% standard for Ready Biodegradability by 7.6%.  
  6. In addition to being biodegradable, it’s non-toxic and contains no phosphates.
  7. Safe around children and pets.
  8. Available in 4 different aromas—Citrus, Lavender, Green Apple and fragrance-free Clear.
  9. Comes in quarts, gallons, drums and totes.
  10. Everybody needs a cleaning product.  ADVANAGE is used in tens of millions of homes and commercial, industrial accounts.
In 5 more reasons…
  1. ADVANAGE is sold by young, enthusiastic, well-trained men and women who were recruited from America’s inner cities.
  2. Our salespeople demonstrate its effectiveness by actually removing stubborn stains from the buyer’s home or office.
  3. A specially designed and marked Mixing Applicator is available to make dilution measurement easy and accurate.
  4. In addition to the 20X Concentrates, ADVANGE is also available in pre-mixed, industrial strength, ready-to-use Citrus Gallons.
  5. Young Americans growing up in the poorer-inner-city communities of this nation struggle with bad housing, poverty and crime.  Idleness and joblessness leads to hopelessness. Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. gives them a job and training to help them to start making money and become contributing citizens.   
For more information on Door-to-Door Opportunities, CLICK HERE D2D. For more information on Regional Distribution opportunities, CLICK HERE REGIONAL All ADVANAGE products are available for purchase at or over the phone at 877-588-8391.