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Use it For Everything
By kmh “katrina”
“The cleaner was used for every bit of household cleaning we needed, and one bottle lasted us a year because it takes so little to be mixed with water to do some powerful cleaning. When a slightly more potent mix of it is left to sit for only a few short minutes on oven grease, it wipes off as though something had just been spilled there a moment ago! The smell is very pleasant after use and I have no concerns with my dogs or our child being subjected to chemicals from mopping, etc. I have a feeling I’m going to be a lifer on this product, because going back to other name brand cleaners from the local store felt inadequate in comparison once we ran out.”

Only Cleaner You Need
By ~flj
“The ADVANAGE 2OX multi-purpose cleaner green apple is the only cleaner you will need. It tackles the dirtiest jobs with very little effort for you to scrub on. The green apple leaves the job smelling great. I will be getting more of the ADVANAGE products for all my cleaning jobs. I just love it.”

Best cleaner ever!
By audrei
“My son brought me a bottle of this a number of years ago. I was amazed that it even cleans the grout on my tile floors, and the bucket too. I was sad when it was all gone. The product is great, but buy from Amazon.”

Worked wonders on clogged kitchen drain
By Sherry Cooper
“My kitchen drain was clogged and the sink was full of standing water. The clog remained for about a week. Nothing worked! I really needed to avoid calling a plumber, and I spied my ADVANAGE 20X with my cleaning supplies. Nothing to lose, I thought, so I poured a healthy bit of ADVANAGE 20X down the drain. As soon as I poured it into the sink full of motionless water, the water started draining rapidly. That was last night, and this morning, all is still running clear. This product is Wonderful! I will be ordering more. It is great for cleaning everything too.”

Wow....this stuff really works!
By LadvLydia -
“Ok.. yeah same story. Some lady came to my house selling cleaning products. I have tons of kids running through my house. Busy neighborhood. My beige carpet is always filthy but on top of that our old carpet had black stains. She swore that the 2Ox would remove the stain, so I bought the cleaner....Oh my gosh....I started with one spot then with another one. I sprayed a couple of concentrated 20x and let sit 5 minutes then cleaned with a damp cloth....WOW it removed my 10 yr stains. I had previously hired a professional cleaning company and they could not pick up the spots....! will definitely be ordering more of this stuff. L am sold!!!”

Love it!
Roy A. Staga ulwww royallenstapa.com” (Austin, Texas) -
“I am so happy to be using a product that isn’t bringing bad chemicals into my home. It works amazing on the grime around the faucet that can get built up. It has a pleasant scent and cleans well. I usually get headaches smelling the fumes of most cleaners because the chemicals are so strong. This product is greatl”

Use it for about everything,
By I at LA “Jim”
“Some website shows ADVANAGE is scam door to door sales. Maybe because it’s door to door and product is pricey. I own and operate limo. I’ve used many different window cleaners in many years. Also I use different type of detergent mix for drinking glasses (inside of limo) I mix with one cap of ADVANAGE + 1 shot of cheap Vodka + water to regular size spray bottle for windows and drinking glasses (Rock glasses, wine glasses, champagne flute). One cap of ADVANAGE works better than Windex, Turtle window cleaner or rain drop window cleaner. Cost of filling up ADVANAGE to my empty spray bottle maybe just dollar or less because I use only one or two caps of ADVANAGE. I love this not because cost effectiveness but it’s best product I’ve used. It saves my time to wipe whole limo windows and glasses in and out. Nothing sticks after you wipe windows with it. just like waxed car body. (I’ve never try to use it for car body. but maybe works) I also use different mixture ratio for carpet, home kitchen, garage floor, cabinet and furniture. Maybe you think “$40 is too much. I honestly I felt that way too. Now I have 3 bottles of ADVANAGE in my storage. It’s sold only door to door and I bought them whenever they come to my door. But my first bottle is still not empty yet. (everyday use for 2 years) Spray bottle mix with ADVANAGE in my limo, kitchen, personal cars, garage, everywhere. Give it try.”

Great Cleaner
By Cee Michelle “Mama’s On Fire” (Portland OR) -
“We ordered this because my sister-in-law used it and loved it! It does an amazing job on the grout and really gets built up gunk off the tile. It also does wonders on the glass top stove!”

This stuff is pretty darn good
By Jessica Csaszar “Jessica”
“I decided to try this very expensive product. I originally got it because the bathtubs in my apartment are plastic and hard to clean. I still have to use a Magic Eraser when cleaning it but I have to tell you, this stuff is AMAZING on the rest of my house!! I have two Great Danes that are still young and make a mess in their crates. One of them is a bit nervous and has some anxiety issues so he does ‘go’ in his crate. This stuff is miracle cleanser for dog waste. They also drink a LOT of water which causes ugly marks on the carpet around them. I put this stuff in my carpet cleaner and my carpet almost looks brand new!!!!! I have to say I’m fairly addicted to this stuff and HIGHLY recommend it.”

Excellent cleaner
By Donna Meadows -
“ I am amazed at how well this cleaner works. My granddaughter was washing my car, and I brought out ADVANAGE. I sprayed it on the wheels, wiped it off, and they looked great! I sprayed it on an ink stain on the leather seat, and that came right off. That really surprised me because I had tried everything to remove ink from another leather seat. I don’t see how a green cleaner, which you dilute, can work as well as this one does. The first time I purchased it was several years ago, from a young lady selling it door to door, for a youth program. It was late in the evening, and she had to make her quota. I bought it just to help her out, and have just used it off and on for the past few years. Since it’s “green”, however, and two of my grandsons have asthma, I’ve become more aware of healthier cleaning options. I decided to look for it online, and here it is on amazon. Since this is the one I had, this is the one I bought, but I am happy to see there are other fragrances. Since I was re-trying it, and knowing that you use it diluted, I only bought the one. It will last a long time, and it’s great! I just can’t say enough good things about this product!”

Really Awesome Cleaner!,
By Kristine Kelly “Kristine L. Kelly”
“I love that I can use it on anything and don’t have to use more than one cleaner for my house!”

Door-to-door product actually works as advertised,

By Santacruzian -
“My wife bought this from a guy who knocked on our door. We both were extremely dubious, but now she swears by this product. She uses to clean our Vent-a-hood, takes her 10% of the time vs other cleaners. I know this sounds too good to be true but.... it’s true.”

This Stuff Actually Works,
By Artsygirl7l “AG”
“About a year ago, I was suckered into buying something from a door to door sales girl. Advantage Green Apple Cleaner. She showed me how it was such a wonderful multipurpose cleaning product and I actually bought it just to get rid of her. It sat in my closet for about 6 months until I ran out of carpet cleaner. I was desperate and pulled it out. I followed the instructions on the bottle and used it in my carpet cleaning machine. I had a dark spot on my carpet that my usual carpet cleaner was not removing. The spot always seems to re-appear after a few weeks because the carpet fibers were only be cleaned on top. Not deep cleaned.... Anyway, I used it...and it was the best carpet cleaner I ever used. My carpet looks like new. Carpet fibers cleaned from top to bottom. Needless to say, I was shocked. Since then, I have used it on my stairs and other high traffic areas with fantastic results. I have just ordered my 2nd bottle. The cleaner is a little pricey, but it will last you a long time. The only thing is...you must dilute the solution! I think straight solution could discolor fabric & carpet. Hasn’t happened to me...so follow the instructions.”

Wow is this the best ever,
Aa n ael3 10
“Ok. Got sucked in when the for to door sales lady came by who was a fantastic sales rep. I had just gotten done carpet leaning my entry way 5 kids and a dog we had some stains I could not get out. She cleaned the outside of my windows, my wood porch, my rims on my car, my wedding ring and even sprayed it in her mouth!!!! Then she got out stains from THE CARPET I JUST CLEANED!! I was sold. She then cleaned a dirty white rag with the cleaner! Me and my son went crazy in the house cleaning. I don’t like how it cleans the windows or stainless steel appliances its streaky. But still cleans all the grim off my stove top and cast iron bars. We have a gas stove top, it cleaned my grout in my kitchen raster then a steamer! There’s no icky feeling on my hands after using a rag soaked in product and no strong horrible smell. My hands felt soft afterwards. It’s just as amazing as it sounds It was a few dollars more them the price here but I will be buying more! I love it!”