ADVANAGE Micro Fiber Tools

Microfiber Cleaning Tools

A Complete Package… from Floor to Ceiling to Everything In Between

Microfiber Cleaning Tools

Millions of microfibers act like tiny hooks to lift and hold dust, dirt, grease and spills.

Aluminum telescopic handle with its mop head/frame easily turns corners with its swivel action. It is far better for cleaning than traditional sponge mops, more effective than disposable cleaning pads and of course more eco-friendly than alternative mop systems. The microfiber mop is great for both wet and dry mopping. Use it on your kitchen floors, tile floors, or hard wood floors.

This all-inclusive package includes two microfiber mops and our microfiber High Duster —the ultimate dusting tool for those difficult to reach places along with three of Microfiber heavy-duty cleaning towels.

Microfiber Cleaning Tools Quick View
Microfiber Cleaning Tools

Clean your entire house from top to bottom with this complete package.

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