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About Us

Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. and before that Austin Diversified Products, Inc. have been selling ADVANAGE Multipurpose Cleaner since 1980.  Over that period over 30 million customers have purchased ADVANAGE. Customers range from residential households to commercial businesses to government agencies.  The product's success can be attributed to three things… great products, loyal customers and motivated sales people.

By great products, we mean more than just a product that out performs the competition.   We also define great as products that are kind to the environment and safe.   Add to that affordable, and it’s no wonder thousands upon thousands of loyal customers continue to purchase our products in person, over the web and over the phone.

ADVANAGE is used in just about every industry.    From cleaning oil and grease from concrete floors and asphalt driveways to rugs, walls, floors, counters, pipes, kitchens and bathrooms, ADVANAGE does it all.

We also “do it all’ when it comes to customer service.  Customers can call our Harvey, Illinois headquarters (toll free 877-588-8390), ask for customer service and one of our associates will help you with dilutions and appropriate techniques to solve any cleaning problem. 

Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. is a minority business enterprise (MBE), meets all SBA size standards, and qualifies as a small business:  MBE National Minority Supplier Development Council (Chicago Chapter) Certificate No. CM169.

   Our "Green" Committment

ADVANAGE Wonder CleanerAdvanage Diversified Products Inc. pledges to manufacture cleaners and other products that leave the world a safe and healthy place for you and future generations. You’ll find most of our products work better than your favorite name brand cleaners.  But are completely safe to you and our planet.

Our ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaners are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and free from ammonia and acids. ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaners contain no harsh chemicals such as solvents, alkalis, inorganic builders or fillers, heavy metals, ozone depleting chemicals or VOCs.

ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner meets USDA, OSHA and EPA standards.  In fact, it beats government standards for “ready biogradability.”  Meaning it contains no toxic chemicals that can contaminate our water or soil.

ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaners are not tested on animals and is endorsed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  Our cleaners are gentle enough to wash your finest fabrics yet strong enough to remove grease and grime from your driveway.
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