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ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaners are environmentally friendly formulations that effectively emulsify oil and grease without using harmful phosphates and toxic chemicals. ADVANAGE is natural and safe; meets OSHA, USDA and EPA standards; and is accepted by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Over 20 million customers use ADVANAGE in every conceivable application. From removing grease and oil from concrete floors and driveways to restroom/bathroom cleanliness to cleaning carpets and draperies, ADVANGE does it all.

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Available in four renditions, ADVANAGE comes in:
ADVANAGE Commercial Gallon Size
ADVANAGE Commercial Gallon Size
Green Apple
ADVANAGE Commercial Gallon Size
Clear (no scent)
ADVANAGE Commercial Gallon Size

To determine cleaning effectiveness, an independent testing laboratory compared ADVANAGE against the leading retail-brand industrial cleaner. 


Testing was conducted in eleven application areas including ceramic  and vinyl tile, semi-gloss enamel, formica counters, stainless steel and all areas of restrooms and grease soiled surfaces.

The results of the test were overwhelming.  ADVANAGE scored 96% in overall effectiveness, far-out-performing, in every area, the popular brand-name cleaner which only scored 87%.

In another Independent laboratory test, ADVANAGE was tested for biodegradeability.


ADVANAGE exceeded the U.S. Government’s standards and specifications for “ready biodegradeability.”   ADVANAGE surpassed the EPA’s standard of 70% by 7.6%.  Testing was conducted according to the “Modified OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)  Screening Test for Ready Biodegradability.” 

Cleaners with phosphates, of which includes most of the cleaners sold thoughout the US, have been banned in many states to protect our precious water supplies.   ADVANAGE contains no phosphates.

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