ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Hall of Fame

Since 1980 (38+ years) we’ve sold ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner to over 40 million customers. In doing so, our Sales Executives have mentored thousands of young people and showed them how to compete in this world, make a living, and earn some money.

Therefore this Hall of Fame award is the first of fifty (50) planned membership awards to deserving ADVANAGE Sales People and Sales Executives over the next year.

Honorees into the ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Hall of Fame can only be designated by the reigning Godfather of the Door-to-Door Industry.

The Godfather authority started in 1946 with Mark D. Steele. He served until 1959 after which he passed it on to the second Godfather, Donald F. Scott, who served until 1999. He then passed it on to Nathan T. Edwards who has been the industry’s Godfather for the past twenty years and continues to be so today.

ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Hall of Fame Membership


Members in the ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner Hall of Fame have mastered the art and business of sales and demonstrated exceptional performance and achievements in leadership and business management.